Consulting room hire prices

Flexible bookings

All inclusive fees for flexible bookings are:

£8.00 /hour for smaller rooms

£9.00 /hour for larger rooms

£9.00 /hour plus £5.00 for group sessions

Regular sessional bookings

This guarantees you the same room at the same time every week at a reduced rate.

For smaller rooms:

£8 for 1 hour each week

£15 for 2 hours

£20 for 3 hours

£45 for an 8 hours

For larger rooms:

 £9 for 1 hour each week (£14 for groups)

 £17 for 2 hours               (£22 for groups)

£22.50 for 3 hours           (£27.50 for groups)

£48.75 for an 8 hours      (£53.75 for groups)

You only pay for 48 weeks of the year.


  • There are no hidden extras – no VAT to add and the prices include tea and coffee.
  • Regular bookings are paid by monthly standing order in advance.
  • Flexible bookings are paid by cash, cheque or BACS transfer on the day. People who make regular one-off bookings can arrange to make monthly payments by BACS on receipt of invoice
  • An initial registration of £25 in advance payment is required. This is allocated as pre-payment against your first bookings – it is not returned if you make no bookings.
  • All charges are fixed until their review in March each year.
  • The minimum booking period is one hour.
  • All new booking arrangement are reviewed after the first 3 months. You can cancel regular bookings by giving one calendar month’s notice.
  • This room booking does not constitute an established business tenancy.
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Rooms to hire at 4 Queen Street Leeds LS1 2TW

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Room 1

Room 1

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Room 2

Room 2

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Room 3

Room 3

Room 4 - ground floor

Room 4 – ground floor

Room 3 (group layout)

Room 3 (group layout)

Room 4 (group layout)

Room 4 (group layout)

4 Queen Street


Waiting area

Waiting area