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Chris Powell’s latest writing collaboration was published in September 2017. Chris collaborated with Mark Jarvis in writing a modern day parable about working in teams.

Uncle Bob Builds a Boat is the easy to read story of one man’s dream to win a local village sailing trophy. Along the way he learns more than he could have imagined, including how to build and lead a successful team.

The story is good read but as well as taking you through the process of designing and delivering a project and the teamwork needed for that, the book includes a final section outlining four traits of successful teams. It’s a really unusual book on a important topic, but which you can read like a short novel and pick up useful ideas as you go. There’s plenty to enjoy and learn if you are a manager, a team member, or just about to embark on a project of any kind. You could even enjoy it just because you like reading about the sea, boats, and city-boy accountants getting their comeuppance.

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Group Analysis

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Group-Analytic Psychotherapy: A meeting of minds, Harold Behr and Liesel Hearst
An accessible but comprehensive introduction to Group Analysis.

From the Couch to the Circle, John Schlapobersky
A recent, extensive exploration of Group Analysis in Practice

Group Analytic Psychotherapy, Steinar Lorentzen
Part of the growing research base for group analysis.