New Analytic Therapy Group in Leeds City Centre

New group starting in January 2017

I am currently interviewing people to join a new group, meeting in Leeds City Centre on Thursday evenings. This group meets weekly, for forty groups per year and costs £140 per month.

Before deciding to join the group I meet with you individually to talk about what kinds of help you need, and whether a group is likely to be helpful for you.

You can find out more about the group by emailing me () or ringing me (07817 089352).

Problems Group Analysis can deal with

Group Analysis is used widely across the NHS to address many different types of difficulty. It is particularly helpful for:
• personal relationship issues
• feelings of loneliness and isolation
• anxiety and depression
• workplace stress
• bullying at work or in other areas of your life
• improving self confidence
• feeling that life has lost its meaning