Previous subjects

Previous subjects covered at Café Psychologique


Tuesday 24 October
Wellbeing: myth or real possibility? Joshua Paul Malkin, Café Psychologiste

Tuesday 26 September
The Trouble with Cancer: it’s not just in the body Hannah Gormley, Clinical Psychologist

Tuesday 25 July
Attachment: how our connections from cradle to grave make us who we are Elaine McMullan, Clinical Psychologist, and Rebecca Savage, Health Research Senior Programme Manager

Tuesday 20 June
Growing a home together: the psychological and social impact of co-housing Lara Eggleton and Liz Lewis, Lilac Members, Pete Richardson, Founder of Chapeltown Cohousing

Tuesday 23 May
Hope and Friendship: why we need them and how we find them Dr Nick Lalvani, Mental Health Recovery.

Tuesday 25 April
Burnout: the effects of chronic stress and how to slow down and recharge Sally Rose, Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Teacher

Tuesday 28 March
Art: what could it do for our thinking brains? Dr Rowan Bailey, Senior Lecturer and member of the Centre for Sculptural Thinking

Tuesday 28 February
Why So Defensive? How much do we really need to protect ourselves? Dr Carol Martin, Clinical Psychologist

Tuesday 31 January
Bucket Lists: whose list is it anyway? Terry McAndrew, Café Psychologiste


Tuesday 29 November
Strictly Come Café: why people dance and how dance affects us. Dr Kay Radcliffe, Clinical Psychologist, plus special guest dancers

Tuesday 18 October
Women as leaders: what’s the problem? – Dr Ruth Hunter, Clinical Psychologist & Dr Frances Corrigall, Clinical Psychologist

Tuesday 20 September
Regrets? I’ve had a few… Why we make poor decisions – Dr Elaine McMullan, Clinical Psychologist and Philip Malone, Psychotherapist

Tuesday 26 July
Typical Taurus or a load of bull? Astrology, personality types, and how we become who we are – Dr Ruth Sutherland, Clinical Psychologist

Tuesday 21 June
Anxiety – Dr Fiona Thorne, Clinical Psychologist

Tuesday 31 May
Swipe right or left: Relationships in the age of Tinder – Steven Mayers, Clinical Psychologist in training

Tuesday 29 March
Cult Film or Comfort Blanket: Why some films are so special to us – Alison Andrews, Writer and Performer

Tuesday 23 February
Going independent – worst nightmare or a secret dream? The psychology and emotion of being self-employed – Kamila Hortynska, Clinical Psychologist

Tuesday 19 January
Being the change: Why we can’t give up giving up – Maria Spellacy, Café Psychologiste


Tuesday 24 November
Ready for death: best to prepare or keep out of mind? – Karen Fisher, Funeral Director

Tuesday 20 October
Technology and We: living with technology or for it? – Terry McAndrew, Academic Development Officer, Higher Education Academy

Tuesday 29 September
Living a good life: how our values shape our lives – Carol Martin and Wendy Callaghan, Clinical Psychologists

Tuesday 21 July
Modern Myths: the power of stories old and new – Matthew Bellwood, Storyteller

Tuesday 30 June
Aspiration and inequality: understanding the general election result – Nick Tanna, Group Analyst

Tuesday 26 May
Punishment or treatment? How to deal with crime for the best – Steven Mayers and Tom Matthews, Clinical Psychologists in Training Joint event with Café Psychologique

Tuesday 28 April
Bad Religion: when is faith healthy or unhealthy? – Dr Sara Savage, Social Psychologist

Tuesday 31 March
Why we vote: what influences us and how we influence others – Dr Kris Dunn, Lecturer in Comparative Politics

Tuesday 3 March (postponed from February)
Is mindfulness taking over the world (and is it all nice and lovely)? – Dr Kamila Hortynska, Clinical Psychologist

Tuesday 27 January
The F word: Is feminism a dirty word, irrelevant, or needed more than ever? – Elaine McMullan and Fiona Purdie, Clinical Psychologists


Tuesday 25 November
Sport: what use is it in the real world? – Kathy Williams, Olympic Gymnast and Counsellor

Tuesday 28 October
Forgiveness: if sorry seems to be the hardest word, why is forgiveness even harder? – Dr Ruth Sutherland, Clinical Psychologist and Revd Robb Sutherland, Vicar

Tuesday 30 September
Fitter Faster: how High Intensity Training can break the time barrier to exercise – Dr Carrie Ferguson, Lecturer in Exercise Physiology at the University of Leeds

Tuesday 22 July
Looking after number one: the art of self-compassion – Cath Backhouse, Psychologist and Self-Critic

Tuesday 24 June
A home of your own: how where we live affects who we are – Helen Beachell, General Manager, Simon on the Streets & Michael Tully, Psychologist in Clinical Training

Tuesday 27 May
Talking with your mouth full: why food is important to relationships – Pablo Villegas, Restaurateur

Tuesday 29 April
What a Performance: why we are so anxious presenting and performing in front of others, and what to do about it – Liz Oxtoby, Counsellor

Tuesday 25 March
Over and Out: a Misspent Retirement – Tim Gauntlett, Traveller and Retired Therapist

Tuesday 25 February
Music: HOW does it make you feel? How does it make YOU feel? How does it make you FEEL? – Andrew Wilson, Café Psychologiste

Tuesday 28 January
Looking on the bright side – Carol Martin, Clinical Psychologist


Tuesday 26 November
Shopping – Richard Wilson, Marketing Expert

Tuesday 22 October
The Power of Stories – Matthew Bellwood, Storyteller. Part of Love Arts Festival

Tuesday 24 September
Schooldays: the best of times, or the worst of times? – Lesley McKay, Head Teacher & Evan Powell, Sixth Former

Tuesday 30 July
Holidays – why bother? – Wendy Callaghan, Clinical Psychologist

Tuesday 25 June
National Borders: why do we fear people who cross them? – Pete Richardson, Director, Leeds Asylum Seekers’ Support Network

Tuesday 28 May
Self-help: Friend or Foe? – Maria Spellacy, Café Psychologiste

Tuesday 30 April
Adulthood: Myth and Necessity – Jenny Sergeant, Counsellor

Tuesday 26 March
Parenthood – Fiona Thorne, Clinical Psychologist

Tuesday 26 February
Dating and the internet: like or unlike – Jo Bedford, Café Psychologiste

Tuesday 29 January
Giving something back: selfish or selfless? – Jacinta Kent, Campaigner and Activist


Tuesday 27 November
Death: avoid, deny or accept – Dr Carol Martin, Clinical Psychologist

Tuesday 30 October
Sex: what’s the big deal? – Dr Ruth Sutherland, Clinical Psychologist

Tuesday 25 September
Sport: why people get so worked up – Nick Tanna, Group Analyst

Tuesday 24 July
Mindfulness – Dr Kamila Hortynska, Clinical Psychologist

Tuesday 26 June
Bullying and the media – Oliver Cross, Journalist

Tuesday 22 May
Friendship – Andy Wilson, Café Psychologiste

Tuesday 24 April
White ethnicities and changing multicultural contexts – Shona Hunter, Sociologist

Tuesday 27 March
Social Mobility – Sarah Clueley, Psychotherapist

Tuesday 28 February
Organisations- Ros Mayho, Group Analyst

Tuesday 24 January
New Year, New Start? – Chris Powell, Group Analyst


Tuesday 22 November
Christmas and how to survive it – Nick Hartley, Clinical Psychologist in training

Tuesday 25 October
Happiness – Andrew Wilson, Café Psychologiste

Tuesday 27 September
Riots – Hannah Capon, Clinical Psychologist in training

Tuesday 26 July
The Unconscious – Liz Oxtoby, Counsellor

Tuesday 28 June
Sex – Steve Cansdale, Family Therapist

Tuesday 24 May
What makes people religious? – David Kennard, Clinical Psychologist and John Warren, Teacher

Tuesday 26 April
Ageing – Dr Carol Martin, Clinical Psychologist

Tuesday 22 February
Mind and Body – Dr Fiona Thorne, Consultant Psychologist and Dr Andrew Wilson, GP

Tuesday 25 January
Relationships – Dr Mark Willis, Consultant Psychiatrist