Café Psychologique Bournemouth

What is it?
Café Psychologique (BH) is a space to talk and think about life over a drink, from a psychological perspective. We hope to stimulate thought and provoke discussion by drawing not only on expert psychological insights but also your views, ideas and experiences.

The Café meets on the first Wednesday of every month and will cover a variety of topics concerned with living today ranging from relationships, creativity, ageing, sex, parenthood, consumerism, the arts, death or the weather.

Who are we?
Our Café Psychologique is hosted by local psychotherapists Karen Ainsbury and Jo Evans whose aim is to take psychology out of the consulting room. Karen is a group analyst and communications consultant and Jo is a therapist and trainer with a special interest in families and parenting. The team is completed by Harriet Evans, who brings an additional interest in literature and film.

We are the fourth Café Psychologique to open in England.

How does it work?
This is not a lecture, it’s a chance for anyone who is interested in the topic to have a have a say and hear from each other. Karen and Jo will be there every time to help kick things off. Sometimes they will be joined by one or more people with a specialist interest in the field to pose questions and prompt conversation.

Where is it?
Café Psychologique meets in The Parlour upstairs at The Cow @ Ashley Cross, right by Parkstone Station. Ashley Cross is a vibrant hub, offering lots of possibilities for eating out and drinking before and after. It’s well served by buses and trainlines.

Over to you …
Get in touch if you have a burning topic you would like to add or you just want to hear more.

Come and join the conversation