Café Psychologique 25 April, Burnout

The effects of chronic stress, and how to slow down and recharge

Why do so many people end up burning up and worn out? Why do we become frazzled, emotionally exhausted, disengaged and depleted? What’s going on? Are we not resilient enough or are we giving too much? Why can’t we stop, slow down and recharge?

Newspaper lifestyle sections regularly feature ‘Burnout’ but swing widely between offering sympathetic tips for coping one day, and deriding so called ‘first world problems’ and exhorting readers to be more resilient and buckle down to the challenge of 21st century living the next.

In reality, the experience of burnout is likely to become a real healthcare problem if chronic stress is not addressed. Some of this might be dealt with by individuals, but it’s more often the case that social factors are creating the conditions for burnout to occur, and it can be very difficult for individuals to resist the demands of others in workplaces, universities, schools and homes.

Sally Rose is a Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Teacher from the Staff Counselling and Psychological Support Service at the University of Leeds. She will initiate an exploration of burnout as a personal and social condition, and the challenge of slowing down to regulate energy and resources.

Join the conversation at Café Psychologique Leeds, on Tuesday 25 April, 8.00 pm to 9.45 pm in Seven Arts, Chapel Allerton, Leeds. The Café costs £4 on the door.

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