Café Psychologique

Café Psychologique is a space to talk about life over a drink from a psychological perspective. It builds on the philosophy of Café Scientifique to take ideas out of universities, laboratories and clinics to make them accessible to people in everyday life. Like Café Scientifique there are trained professionals to provide a resource to the café, but no lectures or seminars. Instead, ideas are dropped into the group to stimulate thought and discussion.

Café Psychologique was created by Chris Powell and after two pilots at Greenbelt Arts festival the first ongoing UK Café Psychologique was set up in January 2011 at Seven Arts in Chapel Allerton, Leeds. We meet monthly on the last Tuesday of the month, from 8 to 10 pm. A Café Psychologique was launched in January 2013 by Group Analysis North in Manchester and another in Wolverhampton in January 2014. There has also been one in Bournemouth. The latest was set up in Liverpool in April 2017.

You can read the Café Rules here: Café Psychologique Rules

A list of previous subjects covered in the Café is here

Themes in the coming months:


Tuesday 31 January
Bucket Lists: whose list is it anyway? Terry McAndrew, Café Psychologiste

Tuesday 28 February
Why So Defensive? How much do we really need to protect ourselves? Dr Carol Martin, Clinical Psychologist

Tuesday 28 March
Art: what could it do for our thinking brains? Dr Rowan Bailey, Senior Lecturer and member of the Centre for Sculptural Thinking

Tuesday 25 April
Burnout: the effects of chronic stress and how to slow down and recharge Sally Rose, Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Teacher

Tuesday 23 May
Hope and Friendship: why we need them and how we find them Dr Nick Lalvani, Mental Health Recovery.

Tuesday 20 June
Growing a home together: the psychological and social impact of co-housing Lara Eggleton and Liz Lewis, Lilac Members, Pete Richardson, Founder of Chapeltown Cohousing

Tuesday 25 July
To be confirmed

Tuesday 26 September
Facing Cancer Hannah Gormley, Clinical Psychologist

Tuesday 31 October
To be confirmed

Tuesday 28 November
To be confirmed

Chris is looking for other venues in the UK to set up more Café Psychologique events.

Cafe Psychologique news

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